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A Concert Review: The Downtown Fiction

The Downtown Fiction: A Concert Review

While driving on Maple Street in Vienna, VA, people will unknowingly pass Jammin’ Java, a small cafe/concert venue at the corner of Glyndon Square. It’s their loss really. Small venues = being closer to the artist. On November 25, I was lucky enough to have a close experience at the Jammin’ Java with the native Virginian band, The Downtown Fiction. The Downtown Fiction is an alternative rock band created in 2008 by lead singer Cameron Leahy and drummer Eric Jones, two students of Virginia’s Westfield high school. Through the past four years they’ve added band members, released several EPs and a studio album, “Let’s Be Animals”. Their most famous song, “I Just Wanna Run” found a secure place in the top charts during 2010. After being a fan of them for three years, I finally got to meet them at a VIP Meet & Greet at their hometown show in the Jammin’ Java. With The Downtown Fiction being away from home for almost a year, this show was truly memorable. During the Meet & Greet, The Downtown Fiction performed fantastic acoustic versions of “Thanks for Nothing,” “Best I Never Had,” and “A Wonderful Surprise.”

Meeting the kind and polite band members of The Downtown Fiction was my personal dream, but seeing how they interact with their fans was amazing. And hey, they fed us pizza too. I can safely say that I ate with The Downtown Fiction. After three opening bands, The Downtown Fiction opened their sixteen-song set with “Alibi,” a song off “Let’s Be Animals.” They performed a few old songs from their EP, “Best I Never Had” like my personal favorite, “Your Voice” and “Oceans Between Us.” The majority of their set were songs from “Let’s Be Animals” like “She Knows” and “Tell Me a Lie.” They played two songs from their latest EP “Pineapple,” a new song called “Way Out,” and even their cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” that was featured in Fearless Record’s, “Pop Goes Punk 4.” To the fans’ delight, they ended the concert with “I Just Wanna Run.”

Opening local bands Aim for the Weekend and Fourth Quarter Comeback, along with New York’s Basic Vacation did a perfect job for hyping up the crowd for The Downtown Fiction. The first opener of the concert, Basic Vacation, performed several songs including a cover and their debut song “If You Want To.” Drummer Mike Montalbano captivated fans with his phenomenal performance. Basic Vacation is definitely one of my favorite bands now. Next up was Fourth Quarter Comeback performing several songs including an acoustic and their most notable song, “When I Fall.” Fans enjoyed the personalities of the band members and how they interact with each other and the crowd. The last band to perform before The Downtown Fiction was Aim for the Weekend. Their performance had such energy and was enjoyable. They performed songs from both their EPs, “Street Lights” and “Distortion.” As a music lover, it was a great night. As a teenage fangirl, it was a dream.

Posted: Nov 29, 2012 by Carina Marquez

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