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Arlington Cops: Be Aware, Not Negative

Police officers aren’t getting the best rep these days, especially among teens in Arlington. Often teens think cops are simply out to get them in trouble with absolutely no motivation other than their apparent need to ruin their lives. And, although everyone is entitled to their opinion, it is important to first educate yourself on the topic, and also consider different viewpoints.

                First order of business: A short education. What many people, especially teens, don’t know is that until August, 30 of the 300 cops in Arlington are specifically focused on juveniles. This could include “busting” parties, arresting underage drinkers, and anything else illegal that teens may (or may not) be up to. Although 30 may seem small, are there ever 30 parties in one night? I doubt it. Thus, 30 cops could possibly come to one large party. Although this is highly highly unlikely, it’s simply something to think about, and be aware of.

                Now…considering other people’s opinions and looking at every side of the story. Many teens think that cops are after them, and honestly that may be true. This is because, however, like the fact that drinking is illegal until you are 21, teens are subject to more laws than are adults, so it is essentially necessary that cops target teens.  Cops are not doing this to get you in trouble or “ruin your future/life”. Statistics show that underage drinkers/illegal drug users are more likely to experience school problems, social problems, a higher risk of physical or sexual assault, and of course, death from alcohol poisoning or drug overdose. Though it is a common feeling among teens that we are invincible (I’m 17 and I certainly know I feel that way sometimes), it’s time to realize we are not. Cops can not only reduce these risks by stopping underage drinkers, but they can bring peace to your parent’s minds. So, try to have a little bit of respect for what they are doing.

                On that note, let’s talk about parents. The extremely high majority of parents (about 95% as shown from Youth Risk Behavior Surveys) disapprove of teens drinking, using drugs, and/or doing other illegal activities. Their main goal is to keep their children safe and set them up for a positive and successful future. Law enforcement can help them in that area. Busting parties may incriminate teens, but it can also teach them a lesson; a lesson that parents value. Illegal activities have their consequences, no matter if you have or haven’t been caught. There is always the risk of being caught, as well as the many risks to your health and life as a whole. The amount of cops that are out to try and prevent illegal activities may seem high, but it brings a lot of peace to a parent’s mind and can help teens in the long run.

So, what do you think? Is the number of cops too high? Or can there never be enough? Everyone’s opinion may be different, but it is important to look at it different ways. 

Posted: Jul 23, 2013 by Rachel Robertson

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