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Arlington Youth Soccer Tournament

On Saturday, November 17th, there was a soccer tournament from 12 pm-7 pm at Washington-Lee High School for Arlington youth soccer teams. The tournament was hosted and sponsored by the Arlington Gang Task Force, led by Robert "Tito" Vilchez. There were dozens of volunteers to help the tournament run smoothy (there were about 80 players in attendance), and about 6 teens from Peer to Peer Committee within TNB came to help out.

The P2P committee along with other TNB members were mostly involved in the lunchtime activity. The activity involved discussion questions from our workshop at the "Out of School Time Conference," each player would pick a question out of a bag, read the question out loud, and the table would discuss. During this time, P2P members sat at tables among the 6 or 7 different soccer teams and helped facilitate the discussions revolving around Care for a Change. At the end, as P2P committee chairs, we spoke briefly about the our goal of spreading empathy among Arlington Teens.

Overall it was very successful!

-Kate Grumbles and Lysa Diarra, Peer-To-Peer co-chairs
Posted: Nov 19, 2013 by Talbia Abdullah

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