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CADCA Conference Wrapup

Last week, I got to go to a conference for Community Anti-Drug Coalitions across America (CADCA)!  It was an awesome time at the Gaylord National Hotel at National Harbor. I even got to miss school ;) But you may ask-- "What are youth doing at the Forum?!" and "You're skipping school to get lectured on not using drugs??" Well, youth voice can be a very powerful thing! There were over 400 youth at the Forum and they even gave presentation on activities they implemented in their communities. On Wednesday, or Capitol Hill day, some teens even got the chance to speak to their state legislators. Wow!  As a Co-Chair of Teen Network Board, I can see the value of teen voice... we are our country's future! We see things differently than adults who are often limited to doing what their co-workers will agree with. Adults listen to us. Other youth listen to us. Children can look up to us! Think about it, we are powerful!

Anna and Gladys at the ForumAs for the second question, no, I was not lectured. I choose to be Above the Influence (and you can choose to be too! because "any influence that makes me less than me is not for me... especially substance abuse." I learned about a group of young men from Washington State who make films and learn about their culture to motivate them to stay drug-free. One even made a video diary of his journey quitting marijuana. 

Besides all the learning, inspiring and motivating, there was a lot of taking pictures, laughing and dancing!! Haha :) Does this sound fun to you?! Then join Teen Network Board and maybe you can join us at the Forum next year-- I sure can't wait!

Posted: Feb 14, 2013 by Anna Tramposch

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