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Clubs in High School

by Margaret Koskinen

Going into high school can be a scary time for many people. A new and confusing building, harder classes, intimidating seniors, and a heavy work load can make for one stressed-out freshman. It can definitely be hard to adjust to all these new pressures, especially surrounded by people you don’t know. This is why I would highly recommend joining clubs or after school activities for anyone new to a school. Personally, I found that joining clubs and sports made it easy for me to meet friends and get acquainted with my new environment in a comfortable way. Doing things such as theater, band, sports, debate team, or environmental clubs are great ways to meet new people with similar interests to yours. Meeting like-minded students is a great way to socialize and connect with others, as well as have fun and get involved in your school.

One of the activities I got involved with was sports. I have played on high school sports teams since I was in 8th grade, and I have found that this is one for the best ways to meet new people if you are worried about being alone in your new school. Barely anyone from my middle school attended the high school I was enrolling in, so I was pretty nervous about not knowing anyone in my grade. This all changed when I joined the field hockey team. I had instant friends I could say hi to in the hallway, and I began to feel more relaxed. Because I played with the team in 8th grade, I also knew upperclassmen, which gave me more confidence. They were all very nice and supportive, and gave me great advice on athletics as well as academics. Playing for my school’s team was one of the best decisions I made during high school because I was surrounded by caring, smart, and driven girls who all became like a second family to me. Sports teams are a great way to have fun, make friends, and show school spirit, but there are also many more clubs to join.

Another one of the extra-curricular activities I got involved with was theater. I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted to do at first, but after trying out for the spring musical my freshman year, I was hooked. I have met so many close friends and have learned so much through my years in theater, and I would highly recommend getting involved in a school production. It is so fun, and everyone is really open and accepting. Just like in field hockey, I formed special bonds with all of them, and have definitely made life-long friends. Joining clubs and participating in extra-curriculars is one of the most important things to do in high school, not only because it looks good on college applications, but because it is a great way to connect with others. Getting involved is fun, so cherish your time in high school and make the most of it!

Posted: Jan 17, 2014 by Talbia Abdullah

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