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Confessions of a reading addict

 I have something to confess. I have an addiction to books. But don’t worry. It’s not an abusive relationship. Books satisfy me, I give an audience to books. It works.

Books and I, we go wayyyyyyyyyyy back. We met at my grandmother’s house, and it was love at first sight. Of course, the first few months I attempted to literally devour them, but I grew to be content with only devouring the words.

I have memories of going to Central Library with a huge bag, and coming home with it filled. On the car-ride home, I invariably finished one of them. (I blame those days of my nose stuck in a book for my hopeless ignorance of Arlington geography.)

In elementary school, I would go to the school library every day, and my goal was to finish all the books in the library before I left. (Something I had read about happening to the smart young characters in books.)

Then in middle school, books introduced me to my best friend. We sat in a corner of our lunch table every day, reading our own book, telling each other “You have to read this one!!!” (and totally ignoring the command). I went to TAB at lunch, and each time came away with five more books to read. At the end of the year, when we had to turn in all of the books and no one could check them out, my school librarians understood my pain and let me check out until the very end.

High school has been a traumatic time for our relationship, Books and I agree. Books was jealous of all of my other activities, and how I seemed to be hanging out with my AP world history textbook way more than I should be. But I think that also deepened our relationship. I appreciated every moment with a book exponentially more. I also began volunteering at the library, shelving YA books for two hours a week. (At least two books per visit never made it to the shelf - abducted by my greedy hands.)

AND GUESS WHAT GUYS!!  In just two weeks I get spend a whole day talking about books (the best part is that we’ll all have read them, so no wasting time with plot summaries) at the Books for the Beast conference in Baltimore, on October 24th. I am so excited. If registration is still open, you should definitely check it out!

Posted: Oct 13, 2015 by Johanna K

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