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Earthquake stories and TNB meetings...

Where were YOU when the earthquake hit Arlington? Also, First TNB meeting is Tues 8/30 at Central Library...

Everywhere from Twitter to Facebook is blowing up with "Where I was when I felt the earth move." It was really an event. Luckily, our area didn't experience any injuries or major damage. In DC and Alexandria, several older buildings and structures are damaged, like the National Cathedral and Washington Monument. But overall, it wasn't bad - just sort of an amazing story to tell your friends in other states.

It makes me think about how young people must feel in Japan and Haiti (from Conversations for a Better World) where devestating earthquakes truly shook their worlds and hundreds of people died. It makes me think we are SUPER lucky. How do you feel about it? Talk about it on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile - it's time to get the year kicked off right! the first TNB meeting is next Tuesday at 6:30 at Central Library. Looking forward to my first meeting as webmaster and getting to know the board!

Posted: Aug 25, 2011 by Sally LaBonte

Where I was....
This is actually a funny story, I went on vacation in August, we left on a Monday- August 22nd and so we missed the earthquake back home. Then, we dodged the hurricane in Florida (Earl) ! We had reeeeally good timing that week!
Comment by: Anna Tramposch - 10/13/2011 08:05 PM
My Experience
I was actually at my friend's house, finishing up some summer homework (or trying to) and we both heard/felt some rumbling. We thought it was just a truck passing by, so we pretty much ignored it. Then my mom called and asked if we were okay. We were completely confused: we had no idea that it was an earthquake!
Comment by: Mora Hav - 10/28/2011 08:24 PM

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