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Finishing Up the School Year Strong!

Can you believe that it is already June? For me, this school year has gone by fairly quickly. However, just because AP Testing is finished and SOL’s are wrapping up, the school year is not yet done. Here are some tips to finish up the school year strong and some tips to start off your summer:

1) Study for your final exams!

            Final exams can greatly affect your final grade for the class. In order to start preparing early, I would recommend beginning to organize your materials from the whole year. Having specific sections for individual units as well as past quizzes and tests can save more valuable time for studying later.

2) Turn in all missing assignments

            Turning work in late rather than during the last couple of days of school will make not only you happy but also your teacher. It would be best to know your final fourth quarter or second semester grade before leaving school, rather than having it come as a surprise on your report card.

3) Remember your summer assignments

            Summer assignments are bothersome when it feels like school is never- ending. However, I would recommend starting and finishing your summer assignments in June or early July. Still being in “school mode” will help you complete your work efficiently. This way, you can enjoy your summer without having to worry about your assignments.

Posted: Jun 02, 2013 by Brian Tran

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