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Follow Up: Audi Best Buddies Challenge

 Following up on my earlier post about the Audi Best Buddies Challenge! (and my long day after!)

 So a couple weekends ago, the Audi Best Buddies Challenge was held in D.C. on the mall! Actually, the Autism Walk was the same day so there was a ton of disability awareness that day! The Challenge was fantastic, I ran the 5k with my friend Lizzie. The event raised 1.7 MILLION dollars!!! And around 2,000 people were there, 700 of them students! Anthony Shriver was there, along with Lauren Potter (from Glee!!) and Miss Teen USA, Miss D.C. and Miss Teen D.C. I had to wake up suuuper early on a Saturday morning but it was well worth it! All the positive vibes and encouraging words put me in a good mood for the rest of the day- THANK GOODNESS, I needed it!

I got home around 1 o'clock and went to Rick's Tattoo to get my second cartilage piercing. THEN, I had a soccer game at 3. THEN, I came home and showered and got ready for Homecoming that night. I had wanted a nap after the Best Buddies Event so by this time I was exhausted and I wasn't even at the pre-Homecoming events. Geesh. Well, I went to my friend Amanda's house and got ready with a bunch of girls, took pictures and went to Homecoming. The night was fabulous but I was soooo ready to go home and go to B E D! Amanda slept over and the next morning I woke up at 9am do to mounds of homework. Such a tiring weekend!! That's my best weekend warrior story. Do you have one??

Posted: Nov 01, 2011 by Anna Tramposch

up all night!
well sunday was fun: i took Zoe to 2 halloween parades and a party - then she was so tired she wouldn't go to sleep so we were up very late and she would wake up every 45 minutes or so. then we had swim class Monday morning. the longest time she slept was about 3 a.m. til 7... I am going to remind her of this when she is a teenager!!!
Comment by: sally - 11/03/2011 01:58 PM
Way to go again, Anna!!
Comment by: sally - 11/03/2011 02:09 PM

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