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Friday Fun with YouTube!!!

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There are lots of really cool Youtube videos and channels out there these days. I personally enjoy just sitting down and browsing Youtube when I’m bored, although I should actually be spending my time doing something more worthwhile of my time, like applying for colleges and such…but I digress. Anyway, I’d like to share some of the lovely Youtube channels that I’ve come across while surfing the web! I hope you check out at least one channel and become a faithful viewer. I’m sure these Youtubers would greatly appreciate it! :)

Disclaimer: These descriptions are only my opinions based on the videos I’ve seen from the respective channel! And clearly, these aren’t the only Youtube channels I like – they’re just some that I remember right away!

fine bros screen shotTheFineBros

“Teens React” is one of TheFineBros’ most popular segments in which, of course, teenagers react to viral videos on Youtube while adding their blunt, but often hilarious opinions. Watch them react to videos about the “Brony” phenomenon or the ever-popular Gangnam Style music video. Who knows, maybe they’ll react in a totally different way from you! Not only can you watch Teens React, but “Kids React” and even “Seniors React”, too, which you might find even more funny since they’re in a different age group. Don’t you want to know how seniors react to dubstep?


Ted, Wes, and Phil – three friends who met in college – direct, edit, and even act in their own videos with lots of interesting stories and concepts. One of their most popular series is about how technology ruins romance, while another is about how to be a “manly” man. See the range? These guys are really funny, and so are their friends. Personally, my favorite videos are the ones about their own lives: no script! Be sure to check out “Wong Fu Weekends”, as the three guys show off all of their goofy weekend adventures.


Jack is a teenager from Great Britain who decided to make videos during his gap year after high school. Simple, right? Oh, and he has a twin brother, too! Who wouldn’t want to watch videos made by a pair of British twins? Check out their video in which they teach an American, namely Tyler Oakley, some British slang. Try not to get distracted by their smiles! ;)


Well, there's a lot to say about Kingsley, including the fact that I can't write his full username here or else I would get in trouble. Search his name on Youtube and you're sure to find him! But nevertheless, Kingsley's videos are some of the most outspoken videos on Youtube... WARNING: he has yet to make a video without using profanity. Anyway, Kingsley often focuses on current events in his videos. His commentary is full of sarcasm, which I'm sure many of you would appreciate! My sister recommends his series titled "Overexposed", which focuses on his take on popular matters of today and why he thinks they shouldn’t even be popular.


This girl is one of the funniest on Youtube and also one of the most outspoken as well! Her dry humor will definitely pull you into watching more of her videos. The subject matter that she focuses on covers a large range, from topics like Disney movies and what they taught her to what rap and hip-hop songs taught her, too. Although her videos mostly take place in the comfort of her own home, her videos are far from boring, especially because of her catch phrases. And her dogs. Keep an eye out for videos about land sharks and mentions of Spiderman!


Posted: Nov 02, 2012 by Kanika Hav

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