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Generation Digital?

by Teen Intern, Neeka Samimi


 Between television, computers, and phones, teens spend a lot of time looking at screens, but how much is too much?

There's no official limit on how much screen time is unhealthy, but you should definitely take a closer look at your habits if you spend hours on end glued to the TV. If your eyes feel strained, you need to cut back on computer time by a lot. You can set a goal for yourself each week to reduce screen time. One immediate benefit of doing so is having more time for other things, like studying, exercising, and hanging out with friends.

You can print out a calendar and check off each day you meet your goal for limited screen time. Don't choose something drastic and unrealistic, like going from watching four hours of television a day to watching 20 minutes. Instead, try to cut back your screen time a little more every day.

Smartphones are great, but make sure you don't miss out on real life by playing on them too much! 

Posted: Mar 14, 2016 by Website Editor

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