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Healthy Lunch Challenge

As a high schooler, between the various clubs I'm involved in, projects and homework that I have, and my job, I hardly have time for anything. Many other high schoolers feel the same way, especially in an academically competitive area such as Arlington. Unfortunately, I've invested my time in academic achievment in exchange for my physical well-being. The only exercise I get is during PE in school, and as there's no gym requirement for juniors and seniors, I predict a pretty sedentary future for myself in the next two years.

Even when I do have time to exercise, I usually opt to do something I actually enjoy or to get ahead on another assignment. I also eat whatever's convenient and quick (I hate cooking!), so it's really up to whoever buys the groceries to buy healthy food or not. Unfortunately, processed, prepackaged food is usually the easiest to throw in a lunchbox when you're rushing to school.

This is where my challenge comes into play: even if I don't necessarily exercise, I can still eat healthy lunches. Every week, I'll post a recipe that is healthy but tastes good, takes less than half an hour to make, and is transportation-friendly. This way, you can figure out which recipes are convenient and easy enough for students with busy schedules who probably have limited cooking experience like me, and I learn how to cook without burning the house down! :)

Week 1 - chicken salad with brown rice:

Time: 10 mins

Taste: 7/10


This recipe was bland, but pretty simple. I recommend eating it with some sort of dressing or seasoning. Recipe (use whatever amount of ingredients; it's a salad so it doesn't really matter):

1. Put water and brown rice in a pot in a 3:1 ratio, and boil for about 20 minutes, or until grains are cooked to your liking.

2. Cut carrots into matchsticks, chop up some celery, and cut romaine lettuce into thin little strips.

3. Combine vegetables with rice after it's cooled! If you're bringing it to school, you may want to let the rice cool and combine it later so the lettuce doesn't wilt. 



Posted: Nov 18, 2016 by Elizabeth Kraisinger

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