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My Favorite Apps

For Christmas I was given an iPhone by my parents and have been exposed now to the wonderful world of apps! So now I present you with my top 5 apps for the iPhone (in no particular order):

1. Ski Safari
An exciting game that is a race between you and an oncoming avalanche! Only 99 cents, and well worth the dollar you will spend! On your journey through Swedish skiing terrains, your avatar, Sven, will encounter penguins, yetis, wolves, eagles, and rocket powered sleds. For those of you who have tired of once popular games like Fruit Ninja and Temple Run, this is a similar but new and exciting alternative.

2. Shazam
Ever been listening to the radio or heard a song in a commercial that you really enjoyed but didn't know the name of? Get Shazam and you when you activate the app it listens to the song, identifies the artist, song name, album title and asks if you would like to download the song through iTunes. Never again be frustrated when you can’t think of a song!

3. MyFitnessPal
A dieting app for anyone who either wants to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight. This app allows you to set target weight and measurement goals, records daily weight and measurements, and you can log what you eat, your type and amount of exercise, etc. The great part about this app is the ease of finding the foods you’ve eaten in their search function. You could search for “cheeseburger” or “apple” and it would give you many options for where you might have gotten your food and how much you had of it. This app also does a great job of using graphics to represent things from your net calorie consumption to your carb/fat/protein consumption. Overall, a useful app if you are on the track to becoming healthier.

4. Snapchat
It sounds strange at first, why would you want to send pictures and videos to your friends that they can’t keep? But then it hits you: you can be as ugly and silly as you want and no one will ever have the photo or video evidence to hold it against you! This app allows you to send pictures or videos for up to 10 seconds to other snapchat users using your iTouch, iPhone, or iPad. Get this app now before it’s too late!

5. Netflix
If you are familiar with, the video streaming website, you are also familiar with the convenience of being able to watch an almost infinite number of TV shows and movies from countries all around the world. You must have a Netflix membership to be able to use this app and if you do have a membership I would highly suggest you buy this app for anytime you might be without your computer and have a craving for a certain show or movie. This app is well worth it for the movie lover or avid TV fanatic!


Posted: Jan 10, 2013 by Maggie Burgos

This was so helpful! I love all the work by this person! My favorite!
Comment by: David Silverman - 02/07/2013 01:02 PM

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