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Open a Book

Nothing on TV? Go on and read a book.

And no, I don’t mean turn on your Kindle or iPad or whatever $500 tablet you own. Over the past decade, we’ve transitioned from portable CD players to touch screen phones that play music, browse the web, and fit in your pocket. With all these technological advances, we’ve forgotten the importance of the “basics,” like reading books and writing. Studies show that children used to touch screen devices have trouble with using scissors, coloring, and writing. Textbooks are online, handwritten papers are declared unacceptable, and social media is replacing verbal conversations. While most of these technological advances are beneficial and making life easier, they do produce some costs.

The Internet is a wonderful place, today I can’t imagine life without it, but the Internet has made plagiarism easier, x-rated content more accessible, and viruses and scams plausible. While social media disrupts people’s privacy, it also created cyberbullying, hackers, and advocates less social interaction. Not to mention that electronic screens strain eyes and the lack of physical movement that comes with electronics causes health problems.

While I’m not saying “let’s go back to the dark ages,” I want to remind everybody that for hundreds of years, literacy has been a privilege. Why should we stop now? Van Gogh didn’t use Photoshop to make art. Shakespeare handwrote all his works. Our parents didn’t have Sparknotes! Not all great things come from a computer.

Remember your best friend from middle school who you barely talk to now? Instead of sending them a message on Facebook, why don’t you show that you genuinely care about them and go for a walk or something? The world has so much to offer and you can’t get half of what the world offers on Twitter.

Posted: Jan 29, 2013 by Carina Marquez

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