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Summer 2013

I moved to Unites States on summer 2012. Since I was a new fresh person in Arlington, I was unable to do any fun stuff during that summer, so it was really boring for me and my siblings to spend those 3 months. However, the summer of 2013 was one of my best vacations ever! It was really productive to me because I did a lot of stuff during that break. Sometimes I feel like I totally wasted 3 months of my life during summer 2012 because I literally did nothing but eat and sleep! Yet I feel proud for being able to enjoy my summer 2013 efficiently. I started working on Heidelberg Bakery from first week of May, joined Color guard for the first time, and went to two summer camps and also to the summer school! 
Now let me explain why I loved my summer experience and why I think it was so  
productive. First of all, I felt really proud when I got a job at Heidelberg. After I started working there, I began to feel more responsible and confident. My manager was super sweet and the coworkers were really friendly and kind. I was just 15 and it was my first job, so of course it was kind of difficult for me at the beginning but the support and love from my coworkers helped me get through it. I made good amount of money, bought things that I really needed at that time and saved the money that was left. Secondly, I had some precious moments being a color guard. Same as now, I was a slow learner and short in height, so learning to become a color guard was a big deal for me at first. However, my friends and teacher encouraged me and helped me so much that I was able to do it! Seriously, it was fun but extremely hard! Anyways, thirdly, one of my best experiences from last summer was going to the summer school! I know it might surprise many of you! Yeah, it’s obvious, how can summer school be fun? Well, I took Economics to get a new course credit and it was fun because I had an awesome teacher, Mr. Kelly from Wakefield HS. It was not the only reason, though. Economics is something I am really interested in. Lastly, I went to two summer camps last summer which essentially made my summer so memorable! One of them was Band Camp, a week long summer camp in a private school with YHS Marching Band and Color guards. In the camp, we had to work really hard more than 12hours each day! It was one of the tremendously difficult experiences (in hot and humid weather); however, it was so much fun that I can just ignore all the bad sides of it. The second summer camp was not technically a summer camp; it was a Youth Conference from my church. It was in Palmyra, NY. I had some of my best life-changing moments in the conference which is why it became so special to me.
From all this experience, the best part was meeting so many people and making new friends. I gained priceless lessons and experiences which I probably will never forget in my entire life! It was because of the love and support from all the people I knew that I was able to make my summer 2013 so unforgettable and productive!
-Aastha Paneru
Posted: Feb 21, 2014 by Talbia Abdullah

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