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Senior Quote

by -Rosario Santos.

Not only are two of my Internal Assessments due Thursday, alongside a 40 minute   Frankenstein presentation on Wednesday. This morning I found out that Senior superlatives,   quotes, baby pictures, basically everything are due Friday, December 6th  extremely excited last year about all of that and now it’s finally here and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do.  I asked some of my friends in hopes that they could help me think of some ideas as to which   quote I could choose. My friend Jacky, chose “I don’t want to be a person with full hands,   resting from dreams, but a person full of dreams, unable to rest his hands,” a quote by Tablo   one of her favorite people. My other friend Louisa, decided to go with “Criticism is easy, art   is hard,” to show her passion for art. Lastly, my friend, Ming, decided to go in a different   direction and went with a quote she thought of in the middle of our economics class earlier   today which was “Made in China,” just to be funny.

Now after asking a bunch of my friends about their quotes, you’d think I would get an idea  of what I want. Instead, I realized two things. One, my friends all found either amazing deep  quotes about life, their passions and who they are or if their quotes weren’t deep they were  funnier than anything I could think of on my own. Two, after hearing everyone’s amazing   quotes I was still stuck at zero.  I’ve probably read more quotes today than I have in the past year. I thought to use “I’ll remember you all in therapy” said by Plankton in a SpongeBob episode, but then I didn’t want people to question my sanity or to think I hated everyone. I also thought of “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty” said in the Fairly OddParents. I changed my mind when I remembered that would be the quote I would be seeing in my yearbook and showing my grandkids 50 years from now. So as of now I’m still undecided as to what my quote is going to be, as my favorite character on "How I Met Your Mother" Barney Stinson would put  it, ”LEGEN…wait for it…DARY”.


Posted: Jan 07, 2014 by Talbia Abdullah

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