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"Sticker Shock" Experience

Sticker Shock STOP sticker

On October 19th, 2013 members of different committees of Arlington Teen Network Board partnered with the City of Alexandria shocked the purchasers of alcohol by placing bright red warning stickers on multi-pack of beers, wine coolers, and other types of alcohol products in Arlington convenient stores such as Safeway, Giant, CVS, Walgreens and 7 eleven. The stickers contained warnings about the serious penalties and consequences for purchasing alcohol to minors. Sticker Shock was a youth-led event with the purpose of educating adults who might be pressured or tempted to purchase alcohol legally and provide it to youths.

This was my very first time working with the Arlington Ready Coalition as well as volunteering for the Teen Network Board. Thus, it was great for me to hang out with my peers from different committees and make a positive impact in our community. It was also an eye-opening experience for me because even though I knew many teens who easily obtained alcohol through their older friends, parents who themselves had drinking problems, or even just strangers on the street, I never thought I could eliminate this problem. After Sticker Shock, I realized I was in fact able to minimize this problem by spreading awareness of its consequences and making sure adults understand that it is simply not okay to buy alcohol to minors.

While we were at the store putting stickers on alcohol beverages, customers were very responsive and asked us about our purposes and reasons of doing so. After explaining about the “Sticker Shock” event and its missions, many thanked us for doing such a meaningful thing and told us to keep it up.  I liked how all of the stores welcomed us cheerfully and helped us through the procedures of where and how to put the stickers.  The only thing I found annoying was since all of the volunteers were minors, we were not able to pick up and move the alcohol at any situation, so we had to get help from our adult supervision or the store employees very frequently.  Overall it was an awesome event. I loved working with my peers and getting to know them personally as well as sharing the same desire to change our community for the better. 

Posted: Nov 06, 2013 by Misheel Ganbat

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