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The first semester of senior year is undoubtedly a stressful part of any student’s school year. Time is limited, sleep is scarce, and coffee is flowing. But I’ve heard way too much about college essays and extracurriculars and grades in the past few months—it’s the last thing I want to talk about here. I’d like to discuss something near and dear to my heart, something that I really should have sacrificed to ensure an immaculate finish to my transcript but can’t seem to give up: television.

Now, for anyone who has similar taste to mine in their viewing programs, they know the last few weeks have been an exciting time. First of all, let me discuss the return of the 8th season of my ultimate favorite show: How I Met Your Mother. I got into HIMYM last spring, as an occasional distraction from the hectic nature of homework, AP exams, and SAT prep. All too soon, I was addicted to the show, whipping through the full seven seasons in an embarrassingly short amount of time. You can imagine my excitement when the show returned recently. I won’t get into the plot too much, because if you follow the show you won’t understand the references. Let’s just say that it explained last season’s cliffhanger of Robin’s supposed marriage to Barney, but only to supplement the show with another one that won’t be revealed for at least another season: the infamous identity of the mother.

As I said, HIMYM was one of the few of my favorite shows that returned. New Girl, which stars only one of Hollywood’s best and brightest: the fabulous Zooey Deschanel, also came back. In Jess’s (her character’s name) seasonal debut her cheery spirit has unfortunately been dampened by a layoff from her teaching position, but she still manages to bring back that Deschanel spark I’ve missed while the show was off the air. Nick is always the charmer with his gruff, yet lovable manner—in the apartment, at the bar, everywhere. Schmidt is even more ridiculous and outlandish than he was last season, if that’s even possible. And of course, we can’t forget good old, trusty Winston: voice and reason of the fam’s crazy lives.

All in all, the last few Mondays and Tuesdays have been nice. Of course, school is speeding up and deadlines are fast approaching, but at least now I have those half hour segments to keep my sanity in check. All I need now is for my Netflix to start working again and I’ll have no leftover time for that social life I’ve completely given up on.

Posted: Oct 18, 2012 by Lara Phillips

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