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Guest Blogger Aastha  Paneru, a sophomore at Yorktown HS has her own blog.

I am worried!
I am upset because of what's happening in this world! Everyone is insecure! Mostly, I am worried for the teens. I am scared of the spreading influence of bad people living around us.
Nowadays, Sexual violence occurs throughout the world; very common. Rape by strangers, sexual abuse of children, forced marriage and abortion, forced prostitution and more; people are suffering day by day, getting disrespect and hate from everyone! So, people who are raped  don't feel comfortable to tell anyone, and this impact their physical as well as mental heath.
And I want to stand for them, to support them, help them and aware everyone!

I read a book "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson, which inspires me more that I should at least try to do some action against sexual violence. The book shows the feelings of a raped teenage girl, and it is really poignant story and I am really impressed.

Well, I am not big enough to actually do something but I would obviously encourage everyone to take an action and worry about future and think before you do something!
Posted: Feb 21, 2013 by Website Editor

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