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The Movie "Haze"


It’s a scary thought, going into college and knowing that although there is a certain expectation for alcohol use. The movie "Haze" confirmed this fear as we watched Gordie, a freshman at University of Colorado, Boulder in 2004, die in his newly joined fraternity. It was gruesome to imagine him laying on the couch for six hours without anyone thinking to call for help when they saw him passed out; this is a regular occurrence on college campuses. As I go off to college in the fall, one of my biggest fears is acceptance by my peers. Is it true that I will need to prove myself to them, or will they accept me as I am? 

Many college students will succumb to the pressure to please, binge drinking themselves into oblivion and accepting the serious hazing they believe is an unavoidable tradition on the way to Greek-dom. No one should need to make those bad decisions, though. In no way am I saying that “going Greek” is a bad choice, in fact, it is part of many peoples’ highlights of their college lives. I know that my mother made most of her friends through the sorority that she was a part of, and that that is the case for many others as well.

I guess the point that I am getting at is that it is important to remember as you go away to college that you now have the ability to make the decisions for yourself that you have always had parental guidance over. Be wise, you were raised well and do not through that out the window by making poor choices as you become on your own. Greek life is not bad, the rotten few however are not a part that you should become involved with.

•       Remember to ALWAYS be attentive to a friend who is making poor drinking choices.

•       Call for help. Do NOT be afraid to get the authorities involved when a friend’s life is on the line

You can view the film here: 

Posted: Jul 19, 2012 by Lauren mensing

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