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The Phenomena That is Black Friday

The most exciting day of shopping that comes once a year!

Shopping on Black Friday this year was amazing! I love the feeling of everyone rushing around me trying to get what they want before anyone else grabs it. The parking lots were crowded and you could feel the excitement in the air that Black Friday brings. Half of the fun is waking up early in the morning or even going at 10pm Thanksgiving day to start your day of shopping. Now that Thanksgiving is over people are putting up Christmas lights and listening to Holiday music on the radio. How was your Thanksgiving and day of shopping?

Posted: Nov 25, 2011 by

i missed it
i stayed home on friday - i couldn't face the crowds. maybe i missed a great deal out there, but... maybe i'll get it after Christmas sales :). Where did you go to shop Rosie?
Comment by: Sally - 11/29/2011 07:23 AM
where i shopped
I went to American Eagle, Delias, and Forever 21 at Tysons. It was really crowded but a lot of fun!
Comment by: Rosie Tramposch - 12/06/2011 11:28 PM
:) hope you got some good deals. i finally put up my lights and a little tree so i'm getting in the holiday spirit!
Comment by: sally - 12/08/2011 02:40 PM

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