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Trying a new team

Ed. Note: Emily attends Bullis School, a private school in Potomac, MD. 


This season I’m playing on the varsity soccer team at my school. At first I was really nervous since I was new and didn’t know anyone but the girls were really nice and our season started quickly. The first few scrimmages and games we lost or tied but they were all teams from the upper division and our team was still new and learning to work together. Our game against Holton who was also in the upper division was the turning point. We beat them 1-0 and have won all of our division games so far except for Stone Ridge, who we tied.

I am really excited to see how the season turns out since right now we are in first place in our division. Last year the team did not come out first in the division but they won the ISL’s which is the tournament at the end of the season.  Thursday is our senior night and I am really nervous for the game because we are playing Visitation who is very good. I hope we will win especially because it is one of the last home games the seniors will ever play and the team wants to make it special for them.


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