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Welcome to the Arlington Teens website!

A new-and-improved version of the former Teen Portal, we are here to give Arlington teens a place to be heard, connect and get info.

You can share your artwork (note our revolving background, which features pieces by local middle and high school students); or share opinions on the blog. If you want to contribute, email us at Or click on whatever catches your eye and learn what your peers are up to.

We also have a calendar of events where we hope to give you ideas of what's going on around town. If you can't find anything to do there, just check out our activities page for the deets on teen centers, pickup games, outdoor activities and the arts. If you're looking for a job or internship, or help with schoolwork, just click on jobs or school.

Concerned about college or what to do when you grow up? Check out our valuable links at Future. Or if you are looking for places to volunteer, go to the Service page.

Info is where you can find help in a crisis (like if you need info on the Teen Health Clinic or really need somebody to talk to). Finally, we are developing our Fun section and hope to fill it with polls, games, music downloads and other stuff to entertain. Go there for the latest from our Facebook, YouTube and Flickr pages, or to see the multimedia contributed by your peers.

The content and concept of the redesigned (formerly the Teen Portal) was developed under the consultation of Arlington Teen website interns and members of the Arlington Teen Network Board (TNB). If you want to contribute or make suggestions, email us at And, don't forget to Like Us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Posted: Aug 11, 2011 by Website Editor

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