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You Need to Know about Concussions

  I recently read a fitness health article that discussed the topic of concussions. This article talked about how being involved in contact sports and activities can lead to a concussion and the problems that can come with them. It discussed the signs and symptoms of a concussion and classifying concussions based on how long the symptoms last. A removal of the sport and any other contact activities were highly recommended by doctors to the athlete. An athlete that has a concussion or feels symptoms of a concussion are told to come out of the game and not return. He or she should start a gradual return to participating in that activity.

Doctors are very cautious about people having no signs or symptoms before returning to the activity. Permanent damage can be done if another concussion occurs, even if it is milder. Another vital issue that the article discussed was post-concussion syndrome. The brain needs time to rest and a person shouldn’t return to the activity until all signs and symptoms have been cleared. Finally, a list of safety actions were given to the reader that talks about ways to prevent from getting a concussion.

People can reduce their risk of getting a concussion by wearing a helmet while riding a bike, skateboard, etc. to 15%. I think this article is significant to all people, but especially people involved in contact sports or activities. This article can inform them about the dangers of a concussion and that they would rather save their brain and life than finish that game or activity. Teens can benefit the most because they can become aware of the symptoms of a concussion. They can increase the odds of not getting another concussion and a successful recovery process by following doctor’s orders and not returning to the activity. Teens are suggested that if they may have a concussion to “use their heads.”

Posted: Apr 13, 2015 by Sean Coleman

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