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To Spend or to Save:

By Neeka

We all covet money. But what do you do when the hard hours of babysitting pay off? Should you save it all or spend it that same day?

Sometimes, we work to buy something specific. If your original goal for working was to save up for a car or a phone, then you shouldn't have second thoughts about spending that money! You put in effort to reach a goal, and that should be rewarded.

But what about those who work just to have money? Should they spend everything they get? I advise against spending "just because you can." It's never a good idea to walk into the mall with a pocketful of money and wander aimlessly until you find something you like. If there's not anything you desperately want, the smart thing to do is to simply save that money. A few dollars may not seem like a lot, but when you save, that money adds up. When you see something you really want, you might end up regretting eating out with your friends when you could have waited until you got home to eat.


In short, saving is generally a better idea--though spending can be tempting. Don't feel like you should never spend your money, though. It's hard earned. Have some fun with it!

Posted: Mar 10, 2016 by Website Editor

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