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Volunteer Opportunities for the Holiday Season

This holiday season, why not give back to your community in a unique way? Many people are not able to celebrate their holiday with family and friends or they are not fortunate enough to have a holiday dinner accompanied with gifts. Make a difference in your community by providing your time to help those in need.

A unique volunteer opportunity that is occurring until the end of the year is the Holiday Project program, sponsored by the Holiday Project of the National Capital Area. This program strives to bring holiday spirit to locations such as nursing homes, hospitals, and other residential institutions that do not have sufficient funds or proper materials for a celebration. This opportunity is open during a variety of times. Contact Robin Wiley at the link below for more information.

Spend Christmas with your family in another way. On December 25th, the 27th Annual Washington DC Jewish Community Center is holding their Day of Service. Along with over 1000 other volunteers, work together to hold holiday parties for children, visit seniors, help paint a community center, and assist in serving meals to the homeless. This activity is great for both individual and groups of volunteers. Contact Gena Schoen at the link below for more information.

Make a long-term commitment with volunteering at the Arlington Food Assistance Center. AFAC is looking for volunteers (especially in groups) to host food drives. Details about donating and working at the building are available at the links below.

With so many ways to help, how will you be spending your holiday this year?

Posted: Dec 16, 2013 by Brian Tran

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