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real talk about STI/STDs has tons of great info and things you really should know.

the website has great information and facts you really should know. I know it can be lame/embarrassing/annoying/gross to hear about sex ed from teachers and parents (back in 8th grade health class- we all hated it but it's important stuff.)

But you lucky folks have the internet. Go forth! learn! Bust myths! share with others! don't live in ignorance!!!

This video is EXCELLENT:

Posted: Jan 19, 2012 by Sally LaBonte

Hey It's Hanna from communications, I'm not quite sure how to make a separate blog of my own so I think I'm just doing one as a comment. I really like the Arlingtonteens website! Last meeting, communications talked about new job opportunities for teens and how to 'advertise' or show teens what's out there. Under the job section on the website I think it could show some actual tips on the first page (and next meeting I can talk with everyone about putting together some tips or using the current ones from the slides that we gave you guys last meeting). Another thing would be having some more info on who to contact about getting a job ex. Nadya (I'm not sure how she spells her name) but I love the website and I posted it to my facebook, so hopefully we can get the word out because this is a great resource to use!
Comment by: Hanna - 01/21/2012 08:01 AM

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