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“Teens Do Talk” is a show specifically designed for teens and young adults to air their views on a cross section of topics which impact them on a day to day basis. The shows primary focus is to tackle the issues and concerns which are faced by today’s young people, and to address those areas which teens and young adults often find difficult to approach. The show’s motto is simply

“Rediscovering the Lost Art of Communications”

THEY ARE SEEKING A HOST! 18 years old .

Job Description: Host of “Teens Do Talk” ideally will be a very inspirational and talented young person. They must be in-tune with today’s youth and young adults, and have their finger squarely on the pulse of what’s happening with this demographic of our society. The Show’s Host is required to have an intense knowledge in this area, and be able to provide their listeners with a program that is educational and informative. Part of the show’s format is to feature bi-weekly guests who will help in identifying the many challenges and successes which are shared by our growing teenage and young adult population, and the host should not be afraid to tackle those often difficult situations which our young people are often reluctant to address in an open forum.

The shows format is a mixture of stimulating conversations, and personal interviews coupled with a mix of uplifting and positive music. Through these means the show is reaching an ever growing audience on a weekly basis. “Teens Do Talk” airs every other Sat. at 12:00PM (eastern time), and can be heard on the internet by going to



We can discuss whatever’s on your mind as long as it’s not illegal, and in good taste.