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Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) moved to to 8300 Boone Boulevard, Suite 730 in Vienna, Virginia 22182. voice mail (703-893-0461)
email ( .

IMPORTANT: If you’re submitting an application for WRAP’s 2013 GEICO Student Awards, please be aware 
that the deadline for such has been extended to April 9, 2013 and should be sent to the above new address (or faxed to 703-893-0465)
Get application etc. at  

The following are the criteria to be used by a panel of judges in determining the winners of the 2013 GEICO Student Awards.

1. Demonstrated student leadership in both developing and executing activities that promote alcohol/drug-free lifestyles.

2. The creativity, quality and success of the activities. (Groups will not be judged on the number of activities done.)

3. Involvement of student body in activity/program.

4. Effective and creative use of resources. (For example, on a limited budget, what creative things did the group do to get the message out?)

5. Involvement of community in effort (Collaboration of businesses, police and other groups in the community.)


1. All applications must be typed and not exceed 8 pages.

2. Activities submitted must target youth prevention on alcohol and other drug use and encourage peers to lead healthy lifestyles.

3. Group/organization may submit materials including photographs, links to videos or letters regarding successful activities they have completed. Limit this to only 2 pages.

4. If you are selected, your group/organization must be able to provide the name of each member and their advisors.

5. It is understood that upon submitting an application, the copyright and any property rights attendant to the application will be transferred to the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP).

6. All applications must be received by WRAP no later than Tuesday, April 9.

7. All applications must have an adult sponsor’s signature (call to fax signatures).

8. All activities submitted must have or will occur during the 2012 -2013 school year.

9. The funds received as a reward of this contest must go towards future club activities.

10. Funds received cannot be used towards funding scholarships, other groups/clubs, individual persons or any other entity. WRAP reserved the right to conduct audits in cases in which funds have been perceived to have been misused.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Marcela Martinez at (703) 893-0461 or via e-mail at