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The Yorktown Theatre Department will be presenting The Widow Ranter on October 17th & 24th at 7:00 p.m in the YHS Auditorium. Students will present the piece for the Virginia Theatre Association's secondary schools one-act play competition at the end of October; and will present it again at the end of January for the Virginia High School League's competition. 

About the play:  The Widow Ranter was written in 1675 by Aphra Behn, the world's first professional female playwright and among the least-known writers of Restoration comedy, the Widow Ranter is the first play ever set in the New World, a contemporary account of the real-life Jamestown uprising known as 'Bacon's Rebellion'.  While this historical-fictional adventure includes many delightful invented subplots (romantic and comedic), it is also a fascinating document of Jamestown's true character, which with its outlaws, American Indians, opportunists and individualists, seems to have more in common with the Wild West than the Virginia we now call home.