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Local Job Seeking Sites

From Arlington's annual teen job expo to the Employment Center and local library, use links below to help you find a job.

Arlington Employment Center: Contains many recent job listings and provides resources for teens. Call 703-228-1400; email or for more info. 

Arlington Public Library: Jobs and career databases for help finding jobs, taking job-related exams, acquiring job skills, etc.

Arlington Teen Summer Expo - April 23 at  Wakefield High School from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
While the Teen Summer Expo is an annual event, there is also a list of job, internship, and volunteer opportunities for teens posted all year round - click here.

Currently Hiring:

Aristotle Circle Peers is hiring Class of  2016 students! - tutor students in the academic subjects you choose; available 3 hours per week, plus limited travel time. Values: Passion, Relationships, Learning, Integrity. Apply at

Lost Dog Café
Hiring: servers, drivers, counter
Min Age: 14
Apply in person

Trade Roots
Part time
Min age: 16
Not actively seeking employees, but will occasionally hire

Hiring: host, cashier, food runner
Min age: 16

Lebanese Taverna (multiple locations)
Hiring: host, server
Min age: 16 w/ restrictinos, preferably 18
Part time

Pasteries by Randolph
Hiring: customer service/cashier
Min age: 15 w/ permit
Part time

Mike Isabella Concepts locations in Ballston
Hiring: mostly hosts and bussers
Min age: did not give
Part time


Hiring: waitstaff assistant/host

Min age: mature 16, prefer older

Part time


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Tips for Nailing an Interview:

Dress for success!

  • Clothing should be clean, well-fitting, and professional looking
  • Undergarments should never be visible
  • Avoid denim unless otherwise specified
  • Socks or stockings with pants, dresses or skirts
  • Minimal makeup, jewelry, and perfume/cologne
  • Hair should be neat, clean, and out of eyes
  • Tattoos and piercings best not displayed

Show that you know your stuff!

  • Have some general knowledge about the company
  • Plan route & method of getting to interview beforehad
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early
  • Come up with questions in advance to show interest
  • Follow up with interviewer afterwards