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Links to public and private schools and programs in Arlington.

Middle School Web Sites
Gunston Middle School
2700 S. Lang Street, Arlington, VA 22206

Thomas Jefferson Middle School
125 South Old Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22204

Kenmore Middle School
200 S. Carlin Springs Road, Arlington, VA 22204

Swanson Middle School
5800 Washington Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22205

Williamsburg Middle School
3600 N. Harrison Street, Arlington, VA 22207

High School Web Sites
Wakefield High School
4901 S. Chesterfield Road, Arlington, VA 22206

Washington-Lee High School
1300 N. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA 22201

Yorktown High School
5201 28th Street North, Arlington, VA 22207

Arlington Mill High School 
816 S. Walter Reed Drive, Suite 222, Arlington, Virginia, 22204

The goal of this accredited high school is to make success possible for every student.

Special Programs
H.B. Woodlawn Secondary Program
4100 North Vacation Lane, Arlington, VA 22207
The HB-Woodlawn program is for middle and high school students in Arlington who want, and can handle, less restriction and more freedom in their school schedule.  The school follows the curriculum of the more traditional schools and students from all of Arlington can apply for the program. 

The Career Center
816 Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, VA 22204
The Career Center offers vocational, technical, academic and enrichment programs to Arlington students. These programs supplement public schools' curriculum. 

Teenage Parenting Programs
3205 S. 2nd St, Arlington, VA 22204
703-875-9440 or 703-875-9441
The Teen Parenting Programs are a year-long educational alternative for young parents, soon to be parents and their families. 

Langston High School Continuation Program
2121 North Culpeper, Arlington, VA 22207, 703- 228-5295
The High School Continuation Program provides a flexible approach to students age 16 and older to take courses to earn their high school diploma. 

New Directions Alternative Program
2847 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

The New Directions Alternative Program provides students with difficult behaviors a supportive, structured and controlled environment to earn their high school diplomas. 

The Stratford Program
4102 Vacation Lane, Arlington, VA 22207
The Stratford Program serves secondary-aged students ages 10 to 22 who require specialized educational needs.

Private Schools
Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School

6600 Little Falls Road, Arlington, VA 22213
A Catholic coeducational high school.

Our Savior Lutheran School
825 S Taylor St, Arlington, VA 22204
A Lutheran school serving grades K - 8. 

Rivendell School
5700 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201
A non-denominational Christian school serving grades K - 8.

St. Agnes School
2024 N Randolph St., Arlington, VA 22207
A Catholic coeducational school serving grades K - 8.

St. Ann School
980 North Frederick St, Arlington, VA 22205
A Catholic coeducational school serving grades K - 8.

St. Charles School
3299 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201
A Catholic coeducational school serving grades K - 8.

St. Thomas More Cathedral School
105 N. Thomas Street, Arlington, VA 22203
A Catholic coeducational school serving grades K - 8.